SIG – Big Data

IIT Mentors Big Data SIG


The purpose of this SIG is to create a community and a forum, on a sustainable basis for a minimum period of two years, for IIT alums who are interested in innovating in Big Data.

The focus of this SIG will be to establish two groups and:

  • Provide expertise and support to start successful companies in this domain.

Provide guidance and assistance to build their corporate careers in this discipline.


Background and Scope

IIT Mentors has been providing a platform for Senior IIT alums to share their experiences with younger alums in maximizing their career potential. This SIG is a natural extension that focuses on a particular area, Big Data, where many IIT alums have been successful. This SIG will engage with and have access to experts in both technical & business areas in Big Data.

Team composition

The structure of the SIG will be as follows:

SIG Co-chairs: These are senior IIT alums that are the Mentors for the group and will bring the subject matter expertise and access to others who will be able to provide a unique perspectives.

SIG Coordinators: These are dedicated volunteers who will run the SIG on a day-to-day basis and keep the community going by organizing roundtables, meet-ups, workshops and seminars.

SIG Mentees: These are selected IIT alumni (about 15/group) who actively participate and thereby benefit from the events/discussions of the SIG to achieve their respective career goals.


In consultation with the Co-chairs, the Coordinators will organize offline and online events that are expected to be valuable to the mentees and other IIT alums at large. Examples include:

–          Online discussions on a particular topic with an expert for the uninitiated.

–          Blogs by the Mentors that showcases thought-leadership of the group.

–          Interactive sessions such as roundtables, meet-ups, workshops and seminars.