Our Mission & Program Structure

Our Mission

IIT alumni network today is expected to cross 200 thousand mark very soon. Today, more than 6,000 IITians graduate every year adding to the rapid growth of alumni network. As the global world around us is transforming and offering newer opportunities for growth, we need to find new ways to create bigger value from and for IIT alumni network. There is a tremendous wealth of experience and knowledge residing in the alumni network but its potential is largely unrealized when it comes to touching the lives of fellow alumni. IIT Mentors strives to unlock this potential.

IIT Mentors is a Global Mentorship Program set up with the simple goal of “Alumni helping Alumni”. The focus of IIT Mentors Program is to facilitate IIT Alumni to help each other. As Kris Gopalakrishnan, Co-Chairman Infosys, and an IITM alumnus, mentions, “Don’t set the goal for your success, set the goals that are all about other people in the society we live in. When others succeed, success will automatically come to you. This way, at least you will get respect from society, which to me is more important than any amount of wealth that you can generate”. IIT Mentors has adopted it to core spirit of the program with a vision on “Touching Lives”.

Program Structure

IIT Mentors conducts following categories of events and programs for members –

  • 1-1 Mentorship Sessions – for mentees to seek guidance on professional as well as personal topics from trusted mentors
  • Mentorship Workshops on specific deep topics – small group of interested in a specific area gets hands-on coaching from experienced IIT Mentor
  • Mentorship Talks & Panel Discussions – typically focused on certain areas and conducted in larger settings of 15-50 people

Our sessions fall into one of these four workstreams –

  1. Academic careers (e.g., at IIT’s)
  2. Corporate careers
  3. Entrepreneurship
  4. General professional & personal development